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tweets for 2016-08-29

Reading list of possible #workplace interruptions and checking them off one by one :P

RIP Gene Wilder who I always confuse with Billy Wilder. May they share tips or barbs in the great Trailer in the sky

tweets for 2016-08-24

Joe Biden visiting Sweden, buggering up public transport, making me late and grumpy. Thanks Obama!

tweets for 2016-08-23

In #photography, rules are made to be broken, but don’t expect to be paid for breaking them

tweets for 2016-08-19

Celebrating #WorldPhotoDay by taking test shots to check a lens for decentering. AS YOU DO

tweets for 2016-08-18

Finished Ann Leckie’s Ancillary series. Now I want to re-read them all!

tweets for 2016-08-16

Trump, the God-Emperor, plans his Gold-Plated Path (h/t Mike)

tweets for 2016-08-09

TIL Bryan Adams (the musician) is now a photographer and knows a lot of beautiful people. #fb


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