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tweets for 2012-07-31

OK I’m hungry now.

tweets for 2012-07-28

I bought 2 litres of booze in the UAE in Feb, still got a 3rd of a litre of gin left #win #practicallyteetootalling

tweets for 2012-07-27

wtf is this shit #openingceremony #London2012

There’s a hell of a lot of Victoriana goin’ on right now #TheIndustrialRevolutionWillBeTelegraphed #London2012

The grim meathook future of sodrolling proles is upon us #London2012

ok we’ve got the dark satanic mills, wonder if we’ll get the miner’s strike? #memoryhole #london2012

OMG I see where this is going… RINGS in the SKY!!!! #symbolism #london2012

OK, that was pretty cool #london2012

OK Bond and corgis and the queen?

Ironic that the presenter speaks FRENCH first #london2012


I can’t help but sniggering like a fool at Rowan Atkinson

Glad to see the Nazi meme of running with a flame still going strong since Berlin

Leo is all like “are all opening ceremonies this long!?”

oh yeah, there’s supposed to be some athletes parading

Andorra, really?!

tweets for 2012-07-26


tweets for 2012-07-24

“Runway designations change over time because the magnetic poles slowly drift on the Earth’s surface and the magnetic bearing will change.”

Leo is calculating how many days I’ve spent in this armchair…

tweets for 2012-07-23

Today my son and I trekked to the library, he read a comic and then we had “fika” #vacation

tweets for 2012-07-22

Idea: ship laptop computers with 3.5mm combined headphone/mic ports, just like phones nowadays. kthanx

Wanted: “grandparent site” where you can post pics/vids/etc of your spawn for the delectation of your parents. H/T @tkjaer #fb

tweets for 2012-07-20

Why have I yet to read about Braille in Wikipedia?! I fail at geek. #fb

o/~ And you look a little like Jodie Foster // Twelve years old but your eyes are 35 – wtf Lloyd Cole?

tweets for 2012-07-19

Looks like my old coworker’s FB account got hacked and is sending me work from home spam.

Discussing #Syria in tomorrow’s #subrosa. Oy vey, there’s a complex issue for you.

tweets for 2012-07-18

So glad I stopped obsessing over getting points in StackExchange and Foursquare. Load off my mind. Fuck gamification.

tweets for 2012-07-17

An evening like this I should be out drinking beer

tweets for 2012-07-16

Amazing how many innocent sounding phrases get dirty if you imagine them defined on Urban Dictionary

tweets for 2012-07-15

Thinking of finding a list of official Olympics sponsors and never buying anything from them ever again. Starting with Powerade

tweets for 2012-07-12

Bit stressed I have to return this Iain Banks novel on Monday, not even halfway through

tweets for 2012-07-11

At that awkward part of an Iain #Banks novel where some foreshadowed horrible thing is going to occur

V is drawing @beatonna ’s Fat Pony on his Nintendo

tweets for 2012-07-03

So the secret to enjoying Instagram as a service is to actually have a life.

General George McClellan, a pale figure of a man -http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/seven-bloody-days_647775.html #civilwar #7days

So this “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” is a real thing?!

tweets for 2012-07-02

What is this? New Iain Banks novel (or at least one I’ve never heard of)? Loaned in a flash at #Dieselverkstaden

I can’t help it, but I feel that having Google Authenticator in my phone is living in the future :P

I agree with @jedrek, online video is pretty useless except for the some edge cases - reviews, humour comes to mind #fb

tweets for 2012-07-01

I wish I used Instagram enough for me to care for it being down yesterday

They should just give Italy a goal to lessen the humiliation #euro2012

don’t think I’ve ever seen as many goals as this in a championship final


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