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tweets for 2013-12-31

Happy New Year from CET

tweets for 2013-12-23

The changing Middle East: Lebanon is seen as a rock of stability in the roiling chaos that is Jordanian timezones #work

Today’s mission, should you choose to attempt it, is to buy chocolate mint kisses from Stockholm’s largest department store…MI:2013

tweets for 2013-12-21

TIL just because someone uses Medium to write about Bitcoin doesn’t make them more intelligent than the average Redditor…

Solstice was 19 minutes ago. Tomorrow will be 2 seconds lighter than today. HAIL THE UNCONQUERED SUN

tweets for 2013-12-20

is there anything more useless than MP3 genre “tags”?

Oh for effs sake I forgot we have to get an effing tree. Every year I lobby for plastic, every year I’m shot down #hatetheneedles

tweets for 2013-12-18

.@ButtCoin the cycle of derp: Bitcoin -> altcoin -> LOLcoin

BRB mining DOGE

I wonder how receptive my family would be to celebrating the Feast of the Unconqured Sun instead of Xmas…

tweets for 2013-12-17

The back of my hand to Medium and Ghost, Emacs + Blosxom still does it for me :D

Vafan har TV3 blivit TVPlura nu eller?

Loading for bear for tomorrow’s Xmas party at #work: D700, 28-105, SB400 partyflash, 50mm for available light #photog

tweets for 2013-12-13

Ain’t no party like a key-signing party! (cos that ain’t a party)

Jobbar demonstrativt vidare istället för att besöka värdens(!) Luciatåg #fb

TIL if you copy a SQL SELECT statement into the To-field by mistake you’ll get a bunch of NSA data in reply!

Herregud vad Lill Lindfors slaktar den här låten #PåSpåret #fb

tweets for 2013-12-12

Yo dawg I heard you like #Bitcoin so I invented a new coin you can mine and exchnage for #Bitcoin

Wow, this time we have a week before our customer in Jordan has to prepare for end of DST #work

Refrains from making a joke involving penises and the Catholic church.

tweets for 2013-12-11

I’m not always a fanatic but when it comes to ISO 8601 date and time formats I can do a pretty good impression.

St. Augustine reacts to the Francis POTY announcement: “I was into Catholicism before it was cool, you know”

Mining Bitcoin-related fora for the rich, rich seams of high-grade derp

tweets for 2013-12-10

How you really know MSFT owns Skype: it takes 15s to wake up from minmized

Having a lot of fun reading @ctross live-tweeting $new_cat arriving

``In 2001 […] the [Satanic] church’s headquarters were moved to Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan’’ LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION

Eff you, iOS7 Podcasts app. You suck donkey balls and your documentation has a tiny penis.

tweets for 2013-12-09

One of these days I’m sure I’ll get a prize for procrastinating. No rush though!

I kinda like Copy but Dropbox blows it away when it comes to uploading/syncing

Got the theme from “Pacific Rim” stuck on my head. Thanks Obama!

tweets for 2013-12-05

Soundtrack to this run-up to Xmas is all Arcade Fire, all the time.

“Mörkret tätnar. Blåsten susar,/ svårmodstung och sorgesam./ Runt från alla gårdar glimma/ tända kvällsljus dunstigt fram.”

tweets for 2013-12-04

Tänkte köpa lite julklappar på @ElgigantenSve men dom har glömt mitt konto, trots att jag handlade där förra månaden. Nåja.

tweets for 2013-12-03

Ramping up quantified self very mildly with a pedometer app for the iPhone. Reads the M7 chip so more or less transparent

tweets for 2013-12-02

Just want to give a shout-out to @Time_is, best online time resource bar none!

Has anyone yakking about the Amazon drone delivery referenced the GPS-guided pogo hopper from “Heavy Weather” by @bruces?

Not to mention the delivery mortars from “Rainbows End”


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