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tweets for 2019-05-29

TIL there’s a Warren Zevon wiki, because of course there is

tweets for 2019-05-24

Après May, le déluge

tweets for 2019-05-23

I can’t believe I’m such a slave to marketing that I’m stressed I don’t have time to read about a new camera in a mount I don’t own and with a price I cannot afford (Fuji GFX100 @ $10K)

tweets for 2019-05-22

Sometimes the best thing to do in a debate is to just walk away (after RES-tagging your opponent with “kind of a dick”)

tweets for 2019-05-21

Depressing to see Quora results being first in Google searches, above Wikipedia

tweets for 2019-05-18

Slovenia’s entry sounds like something from my more obscure Spotify lists

I can’t believe Eurovision/EBU has their own damn country codes, adding to the ones from ISO and FIFA

Is there a legal requirement that every song in Spanish has to have the phrase “la vida loca” in the lyrics?

nämen va fan #eurovision

Sverige ut ur EBU #eurovision

tweets for 2019-05-17

I’m a bit weird in that I’d like Windows to in English, but I’d like date and times in ISO8601 format. For some reason newer apps just seem to equate language with locale

I think this might be the first time $BSV has fallen off the top 15 on #coinmarketcap

tweets for 2019-05-16

taking a break from Spotify to spelunk in my iTunes. Music on the local harddrive! How quaint.

tweets for 2019-05-15

from what I can glean from #GoT discussions, the White Walkers are a way lesser threat than the showrunners

Just when I finally managed to learn my way around YouTube they changed everything. Fuckers

tweets for 2019-05-14

Every time you spoil #GoT, a dragon flames a field of kittens. Please, think of the kittens!

tweets for 2019-05-13

Second time in few days I’ve seen the word “foreword” spelled “forward”. Is this some American thing?!

It’s strange how the people who are very worried about foreign men molesting Swedish women seem to have a blind spot for Julian Assange. I wonder what makes him different?

All those itching to spoil #GoT, after the last ep has aired I’d appreciate a precis/Cliff Notes version of the entire thing

tweets for 2019-05-10

Weird how the 90s technoutopianism about the prospect to the internet leading to more understanding was predicated on everyone on the internet being straight white dudes in elite US universities

tweets for 2019-05-09

My personal USB headset has finally given up the ghost, I feel I should move away from elegant Sennheiser to some lime-green gaming monstrosity, mix it up a bit

tweets for 2019-05-07

Deciding to skip following Game of Thrones was probably the most productive decision I have ever made

tweets for 2019-05-02

Techbros: “any concessions towards employee’s rights is literal Stalinism and leads inevitably to the Gulag”

Also techbros: “my regressive attitudes towards women and minorities are actually proved by science and should not be questioned in any way”


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