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tweets for 2015-04-30

Whelp, camera battery crapped out on me (known issue w/ these) and can’t find replacement here. Guess it’s iPhonography rest of weekend.

tweets for 2015-04-24

It’s a glorious spring day and I’m spring-cleaning my Twitter feed! #fb

tweets for 2015-04-20

In the middle of writing a intranet entry, IE restarted all tabs to update Flash. Such flashback to 5 years ago!

tweets for 2015-04-13

Somehow the Mon in this day is extra-double-refined Mon.

tweets for 2015-04-10

this cinammon bun I just got from a coworker was 75% sugar, 75% butter, and the rest was cinnamon

tweets for 2015-04-08

TIL Echo and the Bunnymen are still touring. Whatever happened to dying young and leaving the rest of us in peace?

New prescription glasses arrived today, now I have the feeling of being drunk without booze

tweets for 2015-04-07

Mobilt Bank-ID funkar finfint som 2FA för myndigheter. Me likey! #fb

Left my noise-canceling headphones at home today. Big mistake.

tweets for 2015-04-04

2 things I’ve realized I don’t give a crap about now that I’ve been more or less offline for a weekend - #Apple vs #Samsung, and #Bitcoin

tweets for 2015-04-02

What’s even worse than April Fool’s jokes on the internet? People repeating them on 2 Apr. #ffs

tweets for 2015-04-01

Moderaterna vill ha programmering som obligatorium i grundsskolan. Föreslår COBOL. Det är framtiden! #fb

Alltså Moderaterna föreslår inte COBOL. Det är mitt förslag.


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