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A waste of space and alcohol

tweets for 2008-10-30


#barna visited Parc Guell, now heading for the FC Barca museum


#barna heading back to the apt, pretty beat

tweets for 2008-10-29


Checking out


In queue for boarding


Squeezed into Ryanair’s distinctive midnight-blue-and-piss-yellow seats


Arrived Girona, now on the bus to Barna

tweets for 2008-10-28


#sl kraftiga förseningar på pendeln, fick just rådet att ta bussen vid Södra


commuter train fail, serves me right for not checking traffic online


deploying a release


The Daily Beast has some interesting content but their infrastructure is the pits


Heading home early to deal with cleaning and packing


Pit stop @ BK Centralen. Now prepped for bus ride to Skavska


Forgotten how much stock ipod phones suck


wow, Fallout 3 sounds like an awesome game. I’ll hold off buying it for a year in case I’m unemployed then


Installed in the hyper-modern Connect Hotell

tweets for 2008-10-27


Having a glimpse of sun this morning, scant compensation for this evening’s darkness


ok so I have an extra ticket to Aimee Mann @ Cirkus in Stockholm 10 Nov. DM me if you’re interested


I’m such a rube, still think this BT headset is a bit magic


why oh why did I update itunes


just found out an efriend died in a house fire on Saturday, so sad




At Max


getting frustrated by Project Euler’s problem 18. Fscking triangle is driving me nuts

tweets for 2008-10-26


grey rainy Sunday. Gonna hire a car so we can do some pre-trip shopping




daylight savings ends, evenings plunged into Stygian darkness. Why can’t we have DS all year round?


surprised at Google Chrome’s inability to handle youtube. You’d think it’d be a priority


“Far Cry 2” is a pretty impressive game

tweets for 2008-10-25


At Sickla, present purchased for cousin Eowyn, having coffee and a muffin

tweets for 2008-10-24


today is a good day for getting hammered


wonder why there are flags on the buses today


at least Greenspan admitted to being “partially” wrong. Some intellectual honesty at least


Listening to Cowboy Junkies, Margo Timmins can sing me lullabyes anytime




great I hung emacs


oh maybe it was because I was trying to open a 300+ meg file

tweets for 2008-10-23


Staying frosty in Stockholm this morning


``Greetings from The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences!’’


couple of snarky comments on the news about the layoff but also someone soliciting CVs


På bostadsrättsföreningsstämma


dunno if I should blog about the layoff


ah fsck it, here goes

tweets for 2008-10-22


Marvelling at the meager warmth of the sun


perl module I can never remember the name of: List::Util

tweets for 2008-10-21


Picking up the kid for a medical checkup


nice and toasty in the tram

tweets for 2008-10-20


The kind of grey day that makes you question the idea of living North of the Alps


3 of my cow-orkers managed to get scammed by a MSN worm


hmm I can’t even interrupt this project euler attempt I’ve written… back to the drawing board!


``Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped)’’ – yeah, that solution is sub-optimal


my personal leverage: <1:404>

tweets for 2008-10-19


everything old is new again, witness the current rehabilitation (or re-evaluation) of John Maynard Keynes.


ok time for bed and pondering the first project Euler challenge

tweets for 2008-10-18


My Sat so far: 2 calls before 7am for stuff that I shouldn’t have been called for


stupid Force Unleashed has stopped recording my progress - no holocron achievements, no unlocked content. FAIL


I should get started with some stuff from project Euler: http://projecteuler.net/

tweets for 2008-10-17


Bit of a fail commute this morning. Knock-on effects from a delayed tram


waffling about changing a rather important piece of internal plumbing


difficult English word to spell: successfully


“they pulled him out of the cold cold ground // and they put him in a suit of lights”

tweets for 2008-10-16


the first step in ignoring a problem is writing a bugzilla issue on it

tweets for 2008-10-15


feh, getting my vpn connection up and running took 25 minutes. So much for my 10 second commute today


aaaand … the Dow is down again

tweets for 2008-10-14


Genuinly puzzled that people can be excited over open office 3. Office suite battles are part of yesterday’s war


not really in the mood to look at a house, I need carbs


protip: when selling a house, don’t say the empty closet upstairs full of lumber is a finished WC. Also, keep you child-biting cat away


I wonder how Apple’s margins will fare in the coming economic harrowing. Somehow doubt a premium laptop is viewed as a necessary buy now.


searching for a good English version of the Swedish term “stålbad”


the lack of full-screen mode in google chrome is a bit irritating


fixing internal broken links


checking out Uptime Party: http://uptimeparty.com


nice touch: UP sez in their welcome email: “If you have any questions, just reply to this email.”


I really don’t think the new macbooks are that nice looking, actually


am I the only one to grok the Evelyn Waugh reference? http://thedailybeast.com


also, Christopher Buckley sounds gayer than a treefull of monkeys on laughing gas: http://shorl.com/dyfrufebruprude


wtf is The Daily Beast? Whatever it is, it’s not feeling well right now… CSS not loading for me

tweets for 2008-10-13




Swedish Lutheran church advertising prayer as wireless, free support in all parishes. They’re pretty lame overall


yay new Nokia stuff - headset and new battery


you know your query might be suboptimal when the TOAD statement timer wraps around 1 hour…


Blog host transition in progress. Feeds seem to have cutover already, but the actual site hasn’t


./~ when times are mysterious, serious numbers will always be heard


“Hearts and Bones” is one of Paul Simon’s best albums


if I resembled the scary mass murderer from Silence of the Lambs I’d get a haircut. Not my fellow passenger though


So I changed broadband providers only to receive a bill from the new one saying my service has been cancelled. WTF?


man I should get to bed but my ass seems glued to this chair

tweets for 2008-10-12


gonna move the blog to a new host come the morning

tweets for 2008-10-11


At the passport office, a long queue ahead of us


now at McD’s, ugh


Det bottenlösa hatet mot McDonald’s St Erik

tweets for 2008-10-10


My itunes “fav” playlist is chock-full of powerpop. I am the boring


If you’re curious, check my last.fm last played (after I’ve scrobbled this lot, which will be in about 90 minutes)


En route to sub rosa, this morning’s subject: PANIC


Great discussion as usual, not really reassured everything’s gonna be alright though


looks like the UK hasn’t forgiven Iceland for the Cod Wars: http://shorl.com/frodrolyjygoda




brief burst of productivity, thank god it’s passed!


motivation level == hovering above absolute zero


Dow zooms through 8.5K, will we breach 8,000 today?


oh I missed it did break 8KÃ Low: 7,882.51




Rather tight after a pub night @ $work-1


drunk people think they’re so funny. They’re not.

tweets for 2008-10-09


Listening to the second NPR show about the economy. We’re all doomed


I can’t believe the extreme crappiness of USB performance on my lappy


lots of little bugs shaken out by unscheduled DB downtime


privatize profits, socialize losses – it’s the American way!


great, never heard of this year’s literature Laurate


zomg Dow < 9K


Krugman on Dow 9,000: there are worse things to worry about! http://shorl.com/tefikukefryni


GM 52Wk High 43.20, 52Wk Low 4.65


wtf fireworks?

tweets for 2008-10-08


found that the string “$count++” is hardcoded in my fingers, I meant to write “$count = 0”….


Heading home via school and shops


yay DB maintenance on hold due to b0rked disk :P


awesome my new host mails


delivers mail that is



tweets for 2008-10-07


seems like the key to getting correct i18n on FreeBSD is .login.conf


Russia gives Iceland an emergency loan - what’s the world coming to http://shorl.com/jilevirastuhy


looking for a blosxom alternative, so far the most promising, blosxonomy, doesn’t seem to work so well: http://shorl.com/groluvogradenu


At O’Leary’s (generic sports bar) at Centralen, just gave my dad a coatrack to take South with him


freaky but effective handdryer: dyson airblade


i should investigate the flickr api


there ought to be a law against owning a D3 and walking around in mismatched socks. Fucking hipsters

tweets for 2008-10-06


Monday. sigh


Why is the news leading with Asian stock market losses?


Hey hipster, it’s October. Wear a fucking coat already. Only crazy people and anorectics go around in t-shirts now


reading Peter Watt’s “Blindsight”, so far it deserves all the hype


went for a short walk in the autumn sunshine with the camera. No keepers but I enjoyed the light


On the tram


installing ubuntu server in a VM


ItÃs Dow 10,000! Oh wait…


ubuntu server and vmware enterprise donÃt play nice. Now installing FreeBSD 7


damn, installing emacs pulled in all of X :(


protipà don’t choose the “emacs optimised” keyboard layout, it’s weird

tweets for 2008-10-05


bit down on the bullet and got the cat’s claws trimmed. Will try to be more proactive in the future


financial crisis reaches Europeà http://shorl.com/raragykygomo

tweets for 2008-10-04


darn my usual host has rebooted and I can’t remember how I invoke ttytter…


grr wife reset default browser to Firefox from Chrome


commenting out the https:// versions of the Twitter API calls fixed ttytter

tweets for 2008-10-03


Bit confused by metering oddities in the D200, suspect they are due to operator error


was full of pep and vim and ready for work when I got pointed to this timesink: http://shorl.com/gavehajibedry


Freaking out over the credit freeze, listening to Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” to get some perpective

tweets for 2008-10-02


Amazingly, on time. Maybe I don’t need to go up so early every morning


perldoc -f system


I wonder how hard it will be to manage ubuntu server

tweets for 2008-10-01


oh crap, now I’m getting Oracle errors in fractured, incorrect Swedish instead of fractured, incorrect English


how long does it take for an InnoDB-based mysql instance to drop 5+ million rows? Answer: a long time


How constitutional is it for the Senate to vote on a bill before the House?


I need to update my reading list


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