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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2009-07-30


På Äventyrslandet i Halmstad, har överlevt skyfall av bibliska proportioner #syndaflod #fb


Åter i Risarp #fb


man internet connection is like a fucking drug

tweets for 2009-07-27


Killing time on the platform waiting for the train


spotify on iphone will be an interesting test case, both from Apple (competition!) and the carriers (increased b/w usage) #mobitopia


Kicking off the trip with Aimee Mann’s “Freeway”. Man, I love that song so much #aimeemann #fb


looking at insanely expensive Omega watches


and we’re off! #sj


nice, there’s a little map on the onboard portal that shows position. Currently at the latitude of Finspång


dimmigt i Nässjö, tack och lov är jag bara på genomfart! #sj #fb


pretty happy my kid is older than the little tykes whining all around me


using the time on the train to go through my “Lens” feed (the NYT PJ blog)


heh, inte dimmigt, bara fett dammiga fönster. En timme kvar till Hässlehelvete #sj #fb


new Nikkors: 18-200 dx II and 70-200 II. Would prefer a new prime but can’t afford them anyway. Pondering used 18-200 http://bit.ly/17OuAI


Damn, train wifi is addictive. Ironic that it will be the best connection I’ll have all week

tweets for 2009-07-26


bills have been entered!


so far, not sold on the RAW format. Large files fill cards, take ages to import


“lunch” of fried eggs and taters


par for the course, the XP lappy is flaky #windowsux

tweets for 2009-07-25


what an absolute piece of crap Vista is, waking it from hibernation after a week makes it go haywire


back from Halland… but I’m going back soon!


vad i helvete kan jag inte beställa en biljett på SJ.se för? Det är helt otroligt dåligt #fb

tweets for 2009-07-24


Waiting for the charcoal to be ready, gonna grill some “entrecote” #svennefredag #fb

tweets for 2009-07-22


Sitting on the patio with some red wine, relaxing after HP6 (which was underwhelming, btw)


gonna shoot RAW with this card, see what all the fuss is about #photog


got 2 #Moleskine Volant notebooks. Not a fan due to lack of back pocket

tweets for 2009-07-20


Regnig måndag #fb

tweets for 2009-07-19


Woman in car next to me has bumped her door into mine twice now


Väntar på Leo vars tåg är kraftigt försenad #SJfail #fb

tweets for 2009-07-18


Checkar ut från hotell Panorama i #Göteborg #fb


W00t! Vi fick stugan en dag i förväg tack vare kusin Henrik och Liselotte. Nu har vi installerat oss #fb

tweets for 2009-07-17


På Quality Hotel i Örebro, snart på väg till Göteborg och Liseberg om vädret tillåter #fb


glass och fikapaus vid torget i Skara #fb


Tidig middag på Dinner22 i #Göteborg #fb

tweets for 2009-07-14


Just picked up a Toyota RAV-4 from Budget #rental


At the Bo:X mini-mall in #kungenskurva


Even the wife hates IKEA now. My work is done! #everybodyhatesIKEA #fb

tweets for 2009-07-13


so far Matter is pretty decent, waiting for the inevitable Banksian “shocking revelation”


this is why you should be wary of Creative Commons: http://is.gd/1xzJa #photog

tweets for 2009-07-12


ordered a Saab from Budget for Tue

tweets for 2009-07-10


back from an interesting (as usual) discussion at #subrosa #fb


loading a roll of BW400CN into the FM2n #photog


cleaning my desk in prep for vacation!

tweets for 2009-07-09


Just got a call from @Veidit, apparently our finance desks have a water leak above them. Damage so far unknown, on my way in


this is the DELUGE… property company reports that 4 other properties have leaks


looks like Google COS has had its honeymoon, most people whose opinions I respect are panning it


vafan Facebook kan jag få skicka ett meddelande? @gunderhaegg, 8 funkar för mig för #subrosa imorgon #fb


love the wingnuts “reasoning”, states rights are paramount except when states decide gay marriage is legal. Then federal law (DOMA) is a-ok!


more rain… 2 days before my vacation


Huh, new Nagios is triggering on hosts that should be SDTd, also calling my boss on vacation, not me

tweets for 2009-07-08


Hipster sighting! Yellow 80s tee, white Wayfarers, shaggy hair, pr0nstar ’stache, twittering on his iPhone. #stockholm #subway


stupid lack of indexes grumble grumble #oracle


.@ethauvin @RussB there’s already a market for Linux on netbooks, this is simply a more polished and branded version of that. MS, watch out!


wtf doesn’t my MINUS work? #whoreacle


testing the customer service of a Tradera seller


sweet, used #perl DBI select_hashref to do a little set operations


lots of blowback in the blaggosphere re: Google OS. Most seem to be coming from different directions. My take: be great for home/casual use


Wikipedia sez Lars Ardelius lever! Det är såna saker man kan missa när man inte har dagstidning #kulturskymning #fb

tweets for 2009-07-07


#SOX attack! Tempted to let someone else(tm) handle it but should lay the groundwork at least #corpgov #redtape #regulation #americafsckyeah


hey this Tegan & Sara album isn’t half-bad (“The Con”)


following the healthcare debate in the US. I feel sorry for the uninsured, but thankful so much money is spent not competing with the EU ;)


thunder and lightning, very very frightening


touchscreen phones everywhere, do not want! Qwerty ftw


usch vad Traderas nya design inte är bra #fb

tweets for 2009-07-06


on call again




issues flying thick and fast today, weird ones at that


Loving the EcoComics blog - http://eco-comics.blogspot.com/


Robert McNamara is dead at 93


Oh yeah, McNamara was boss of the World Bank when my dad worked for them


Left the fm2 in the office, cameraless on my way home


Weirdest thing about #McNamara? His middle names was “Strange”. You can’t make stuff like that up


sätter 100 spänn att Schulmans “bloggpåhopp” är fullständigt bortglömt om… 5 dagar. Särskilt om solen kommer tillbaka #fb


At least #McNamara admitted he was wrong, don’t recall Henry Kissinger ever admitting he wasn’t always right

tweets for 2009-07-05


Bill Kristol backed Sarah Palin, he was also one of the “handlers” of Dan Quayle… and Dubya of course #fail


Vid Nytorgets lekplats, i hjärtat av #Söder #fb


right now feeling a bit burned out on #photog. Will be shooting the last few frames Ektar in the FM2 and then try to recharge batteries

tweets for 2009-07-04


Back from Ice Age 3 with Teodor and Viking. I thought it was a bit meh, but the 7-yr olds enjoyed it!


hehe Sarah Palin is nowhere in the Twitter trending topics list

tweets for 2009-07-03




oh it stopped


got so fed up fighting with my b0rked perl install I blew it all away and I’m installing perl 5.10


Dragging home work lappy, camera + 2 lenses, bag, and some lager == heavy


ah irssi timezones, how much do I hate thee? let me count the fscking ways…


Finally learned why K2 is called K2. Thanks, Wikipedia!

tweets for 2009-07-02


breakfast outside


“one thing you have to say about Obama – he’s been a one-man affirmative action program for black conservative speakers” http://is.gd/1lanM


I’m feeling tempted to start collecting the pseudo-highbrow Engrish of some Flickr commenters, but it would be cruel


thanks Magnus for keeping stuff in such awesome order! #work


Sweet! I get to keep my job mobile number when I quit later this year!


of all the hipster web 2.0 services, #Tumblr is the one I think is slickest and most useful. Frictionless blogging!


light tests, anyone? http://light-test.com/


beställde bord på Jimmys till ikväll #sjöstaden #fb


MS SharePoint’s so-called “wiki” is beyond lame: http://bit.ly/6XvMb #ms #sharepoint #fail

tweets for 2009-07-01


.@tkjaer indeed! There’s something very fishy about the whole #TPB deal


Fine weather (temporarily?) over, light rain in #Stockholm


just because the computer makes it easy to do, doesn’t mean you should do it #photog


our stupid automated HR software has decided to terminate access for our finance manager just before we send out invoices. Thanks SOX


huh, #FreeBSD has a shadow “packages” collection for CPAN stuff called BSDPAN. Do not fuck around with it #fail


do YOU know the official name of Rhode Island? #trivia


ok seem to have a handle on this ports/packages stuff in #FreeBSD and am dealing with system #2 now. The FBSD docs are truly excellent


wonder what today’s special is at #Subway Malmskillnadsgatan


.@jimh so press is waxing hot and cold then?


Indonesia has 50 airline carriers??!! http://is.gd/1k2P0


Tram is running today, thankfully


long time since I read The War Nerd, correcting that now


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